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  • Proposal development

    At GABS Research, we help our clients in developing compelling proposals that increase their chances of winning competitive projects. We also assist clients to assess costs and estimate the net present values of projects and their payback period properly. Our customized log frame for our Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis helps to develop the best forms of business proposals. Our experience in several World Bank and USAID funded evaluations helps us to develop monitoring and evaluation proposals which employ outcome driven approaches and methodology which are cost efficient. Do not wait to miss an opportunity, contact us today to learn more about our proposal development services and how we can help you succeed in your next project.

  • Survey design

    We offer comprehensive survey design services to help you create a high-quality research instrument that meets your research goals. We do this by using existing literature relevant to the specific objectives to ask SMART questions to answer the research questions. Depending on the nature of the survey (as it best suits it), the instrument may be programmed onto android devices for the data collection. Survey instrument design software such as CSPro, KoBo Toolbox, Survey Monkey, Survey Solutions, Google Forms are used to deploy our CAPI applications on tablets to ensure that your survey is user-friendly and reliable.

  • Field Data Collection

    As a research company, we understand that collecting accurate and reliable data is essential to any research project. This is why GABS Research has put processes in place to help you gather high-quality data from the field. Our data collection services cover a wide range of research areas including agricultural surveys, healthcare surveys, political surveys, financial surveys, educational surveys and household enterprise surveys. We leverage digital solutions in collecting data from interested subjects in all constituencies and districts in Ghana. Our data collection techniques are both qualitative (e.g in-depth interviews, key informant interviews, focus group discussion etc) and quantitative in nature.

  • Data Management and Analysis

    Unleash the value of your raw data through data management best practices and robust analytics which will help you make cost-effective decisions. We maintain accurate survey data by eliminating redundancies, employing data transformation methods, enriching and analyzing the data to bring forth actionable insights to meet your research needs. We use our expertise to formulate a testable hypothesis, build econometric or statistical models based on economic theories and estimate the models using relevant empirical strategies. On top of that, statistical software such as STATA, R and SPSS are used to perform Chi-squared tests, t-tests, ANOVA and other statistical significance testing aimed at evaluating the validity and conceptual soundness of results.

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  • The need to monitor the activities of enumerators whilst on the field to ascertain the quality of work cannot be over emphasized. This helps to identify any data collection anomalies that could have arisen from poor questioning in the instrument, insufficient understanding on how to ask the question on the part of the enumerator as well as the identification of artificial outliers and invalid responses so the necessary corrections are made on time. These data quality checks which run concurrently with the field data collection are made possible because of the daily synchronization of data files to a centralized server.

  • Statistical analysis is an essential tool for any research company. We offer hands-on training in STATA (statistical analysis software), SPSS (statistical analysis software) and CSPro (a data collection tool) to equip our clients with the skills needed to leverage statistical software for their research projects. Introductory courses are offered to beginners as well as advanced courses to those who want to harness their skillset and maximize the potential of the use of the software. If you are interested in sharpening your statistical software skills, do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our customized training packages and pricing options.

  • We understand that writing a report can be a daunting task, particularly when you need to provide a comprehensive analysis of data and make recommendations for future actions. But here at GABS Research, our report writing team has dedicated their careers to perfecting and producing excellent reports to meet the specific requirements of our clients. We achieve this by working with our clients to identify their research goals and objectives, which are then used to develop a customized report to fit their research needs. Contact us today to learn more about our report writing services and how we can assist you in presenting your research findings effectively.

  • Data collected from the field through interviews are prepared for analysis. This involves data cleaning and generating other secondary variables for analysis. Some data files may be appended or merged to suit the kind of analysis expected.

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