About Us

GABS Research Consult Limited Company is a Ghanaian registered research firm incorporated in 2013.

Since 2014, GABS Research Consult Limited Company has collaborated with dozens of institutions and individuals to conduct surveys.

We have a team of field data collection officers who have been certified by the Institutional Review Board of Cornell University for Human Subjects Research.

This team is made up of both enumerators for quantitative surveys and interviewers (leads) for in-depth interviews and focus group discussions.

We are a full research consultancy firm providing services from proposal development, survey instrument design, training of enumerators, field data collection, quality assurance monitoring, data management, analysis to report writing.


  1. ✓ Designing survey instruments (i.e. questionnaires and interview guides)
  2. ✓ Designing Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) applications
  3. ✓ Administering survey questionnaires
  4. ✓ Data processing (desktop data entry)
  5. ✓ Remote monitoring of surveys
  6. ✓ Data Management
  7. ✓ Preparing data files for analysis
  8. ✓ Statistical data analysis
  9. ✓ Writing reports
  10. ✓ Statistical software training (Stata, SPSS, CSPro)